Kohan Steel Pars Pendar Co. was established in the winter of 2020 and the construction and operation of the company's factory began on a land area of 15,000 m2 in Salafchegan Special Economic Zone (QSSEZ). The founders of this company, who had many years of experience in the field of kitchen appliances, decided to enter the field of production of cutlery sets after sufficient familiarity with the market, identification of existing capacities and targeting the field of steel kitchen appliances. By purchasing up-to-date and advanced cutlery production machines, using the knowledge and expertise of foreign technicians, and the commitment and perseverance of our dear homeland's engineers and youth, the technology transfer process was successfully completed and the firm due to its high quality and great style variety became one of the main players of the market. Now, the company with a daily production capacity of 20,000 pieces has become one of the largest manufacturers of cutleries in the region and has been able to create employment for 200 people directly and 600 people indirectly. The competitive advantage of this company is the high quality of products compared to domestic competitors as well as custom production based on customer needs.